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The need to be right

A statesman’s phobic reaction to journalists, it seems to me, should be considered a defining symptom of the pathocrat. To the psychopath, being “right” is essential: Anyone who refutes him does so at his peril, for the psychopath will surely begin to seek opportunities to visit some form of retribution upon his perceived enemy, and will take one as soon as it appears.

Cartoon: 'Fear of journalists'

If killing the messenger doesn’t improve your public
image, what will?
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Since a pathocracy is no more than a government (or the governing body of a corporation or some other organization) controlled by psychopaths, it is reasonable to infer that it will collectively behave psychopathically. Thus we see that the same ruling elites that are quickest to impose repression and misery upon their populations, or to despoil them that they may the better enrich themselves, hesitate least when a journalist discloses their peculations.

We may view this fear of exposure as a sophisticated form of the reaction of such primitive, low-level pathocracies as street gangs and schoolyard cliques dominated by bullies to “snitches,” or as a generally subtler form of the response to “informants” evinced by mafias and drug cartels. Since psychopaths or characteropaths lead and man such groups, they are by definition pathocratic, and will anticipate in microcosm the behavior and characteristics of larger organizations, certain fundamentally dishonest political movements, and morally compromised nations or comparable societies. It is therefore pragmatically advisable, when dealing with such a corrupt organization, to assume that it will react with violence — however sublimated — to revelation of its flaws.

Originally published as a review of a Los Angeles Times cartoon on elites’ fear of journalists.

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