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Remedial anatomy for neo-Puritan hypocrites

In case you’re a Florida Republican legislator, cover your eyes. Below is a diagram of a — gasp! — female reproductive system. As you see, it’s heavily laden with “dirty” words: not only “uterus,” but such shockers as “fallopian tube.”

The female reproductive system

The Deplorable Word has been uttered: cervix.
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This doesn’t shock me. What would do that, from sheer surprise at the unprecedented audacity of such a notion, is a closed mouth attached to a head that holds no real knowledge; unfortunately, the real trend seems to run like this: the emptier the cranium, the wider the mouth and the greater likelihood that its gums will flap perpetually in the breeze of a constant emission of ignorant utterances. Thus it is that someone who professes to be offended by the mere word “uterus” sees nothing wrong with making laws to control how one is used.


“Inside every progressive,” runs a popular right-wing canard, “is an authoritarian trying to get out.”

Read this story and tell me: Who’s the authoritarian here?

Originally published as a review of a article on legislative follies.

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