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Profits for pathocrats, poison for posterity

Following is the text of the letter I sent when I submitted this petition, which asks that American Electric Power’s proposed exemption from the Clean Air Act as it applies to AEP’s coal-fired power plants be rejected:

Air pollution in Texas

The yellow days of Texas: Some skies would weep in earnest
if they could.
[ Image Source: Unknown ]

I do not propose to repeat what myriads of petitions have already told you. I have therefore deleted the language in the standard accompanying letter — which you have doubtless already read to your satisfaction — in favor of a personal note.

It may seem to today’s executives, racing to amass wealth without a thought for the costs that their profits exact from others, that they are intelligently providing for their children’s future. I submit that such thinking is fatally misguided, for pollution and disease are no respecters of persons or borders. One day, the progeny of the polluters, despite all the advantages their money can provide, will discover that they cannot purchase safety and health in a world irretrievably tainted by their parents’ decisions. And from that day, posterity will remember with detestation the names of all those who have sacrificed our species’ future on the altar of Mammon.

Consider carefully, then, what is best not merely for AEP’s ledger, but for the more crucial balance that must be maintained if our legacy is to be a world in which people can breathe without dread and eat and drink without ingesting the poisons that increasingly pervade our food and water. We are careering toward a cataclysm of our own manufacture, and time to avoid it grows short.”

Originally published as a comment on an petition asking that the Clean Air Act be applied with full rigor
to American Electric Power’s coal-fired power plants.

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