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Poker farce

Lauds to Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), one of the few honest men in a government dominated by corrupt poseurs with the moral authority of a methamphetamine-pushing megachurch pastor. He has pointed out what most of our “leaders” would prefer to leave unsaid: that to deny Social Security recipients annual cost-of-living adjustments, on the grounds that there is no inflation, is obscene at a time when the real cost of living for the least affluent continues to grow like Jack’s beanstalk.

Obama folds

Obama demonstrates his master strategy: “pre-compromise,” in which he determines what the Republicans are going to want and pre-emptively concedes half of it prior to negotiations.
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That there is “no inflation” is a convenient myth based on a deliberate misrepresentation. While the statement may well be true on average, that average includes high-end purchases — such as new-generation electronics — which are stable or in some cases falling in price. However, costs for food, medicines, housing, health care and the thousand other necessities that constitute the enormous preponderance of the expenses faced by impecunious Americans have continued to climb, and show no signs of stopping.

The preceding was originally written as a review of a story on Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ filibuster against budget cuts to Social Security.

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