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‘Kidney, anyone?’

Although, unlike Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, most heads of state have never been accused of harvesting the internal organs of prisoners and selling them on the black market, I am becoming increasingly convinced that most governments in the post-Soviet neoliberal order are criminal enterprises led by psychopaths. But of course, believing a thing and proving it are entirely different matters.

Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci

Kosovo PM Hashim Thaci: Would you buy a used carcass
from this man?
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This is where leaks, such as those propagated by WikiLeaks and the NATO leaks that form the basis of this article, become an invaluable new source of information for the investigative journalist. No longer, in a world where no secret is safe for long, can the Mafiosi who call themselves presidents, judges and prime ministers conceal their complicity in the most ghastly crimes that plague humanity.

Watch the news for the next year with attention to reports like this one, and I think you will say with me that our global political and economic system is so designed that it makes pathocracies — societies controlled by psychopaths — of the nations afflicted with it.

Originally published as a review of a Guardian article on the criminality of Kosovo’s ruling elite.

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