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Gang Of Pathocrats?

When are rank-and-file Republicans going to realize that their party has been taken over by a cabal of amoral thugs for whom people are mere objects, pawns to be pushed about and sacrificed for their own gain? When will the fetor of sadism, of grandiosity and narcissism, of unsparing contempt for tens of millions of “inferior” fellow Americans, make itself smelt for what it really is?

The GOP: party or gang?

The GOP: party or gang?
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Not only is the Republican leadership morally leprous, but its perverse values (unlike the Reagan-promised wealth for all) trickle down through the party’s ranks. What follows is an excerpt from a recent conversation on a politics forum with a conservative Zionist, whose privacy I will respect by not naming him.

[Republican]: I do stand by my opinion that human nature is perverse, and that fear and violence are often far more successful in motivating people than good deeds. The leader of a nation, entrusted with protecting the safety of that nation, needs to be in touch with that reality, and not with the wishful thinking that simply trying to do good will necessarily bring good results.

My reply came in two parts. First an observation:

[Me]: Speak for yourself, sir.

That your nature is perverse is apparent from posts like this and some others you’ve turned out lately. The kind of “leadership” you propose is outright pathocracy. Only someone who thinks of people as objects could imagine that any ends justify such means.

You cannot force people to undergo suffering because you think it’s for their own good. Even to propose it is ... well, creepy.

Most of what you have been saying has been said before, by Niccolo Macchiavelli. I have no doubt you are familiar with him; I suspect you deeply admire him, but that is only an opinion.

Macchiavelli was an advocate of tyranny, but he was more than that. He propounded ideas so filled with cynical calculating cunning that today when we want to describe an amoral, conniving person, we may call him “macchiavellian.”

Then three questions that the post had raised:

Ask yourself, [Republican]:

Why do you feel a leader must protect a nation (a set of imaginary lines on the ground), but not its people?

Why are the people relegated to the role of objects, to be “motivated” by way of “fear and violence”?

Do you not see that your moral values are upside-down and inside-out?

If [Republican] ever replies, I will pass on his answer, offering him every opportunity to exonerate himself of the suspicion of sociopathic thinking. So far, however, he has declined to do this, preferring to answer less exacting questions.

Originally published as a review of a article on the psychopathic character of today’s Republican leaders.

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