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Fracking up the environment

The energy industry as seen from the epicenter

Of late, the practice of extracting natural gas from shale by hydraulic fracturing has been much in the news, because this technique for obtaining what is billed as “cleaner energy” turns out to be far from clean.

Tailless cow

“Tails you lose”: What fracking chemicals do to animals sounds like the stuff horror fiction is made of, but it is all too
real to ranchers like Jacki Schilke.
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This blog, written by Texans with an unsettlingly close-up view of the appalling consequences of “fracking” and other energy-industry practices, offers perhaps the most comprehensive overview of the subject I have seen to date. In it you will find topical political humor (the Tea Party cartoon featured on this page is an excellent example), videos, and a wide variety of links to stories examining issues of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), radioactive dumping, false safety and clean-energy claims by the natural gas industry, water depletion, water pollution, air pollution, radioactive drilling waste, sludge pits, injection/disposal wells, pipelines and explosions, noise pollution/quality of life, the Texas Railroad Commission, and the unwholesome political influence of big oil money.

If you care about what you and other Americans breathe, drink, cook with and bathe in, and you don’t want to see Koch Industries-funded “truthiness” displace truth in our national discourse, don’t miss this site.

Originally published as a review of a article on the Tea Party and Texas energy-industry issues.

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