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Good Americans: Get your i-Stasi today!

When East German leader Erich Honecker’s government started to feel international pressure over issues of human rights and political repression following the 1975 Helsinki Accords, Honecker knew exactly what to do: He expanded his secret police agency (the Ministerium fur Staatssicherheit or Ministry for State Security, otherwise known by its abbreviation as the Stasi) until it had one agent for every 166 East German citizens. But this wasn’t enough: Honecker needed to know every detail about every potential threat to the stability and power of his government, so the agency paid full- and part-time informants to keep watch on their fellow citizens; eventually, there was one such informant for every seven citizens.

Patriot App

Patriot App: Don’t be the sluggard of your informant network!
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But we don't have to let the East Germans of the twentieth century have all the fun. Now we, too, can spy on our fellow Americans and report their suspicious behavior or disloyal language to the proper authorities. Get the i-Stasi Patriot App today, and help make political dissent a thing of the past!

Originally published as a review of a (presumably satirical)Daily Mail promotion for an iPhone app to aid in spying on fellow citizens.

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