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Fourteen symptoms, one suggestion

The list of 14 characteristics of fascism that anchors this page has been around the internet for many years, but it doesn’t seem to have staled because it only grows more relevant. And the image above brings home a central fact that is too often overlooked: Fascism doesn’t march in hobnailed boots; like carbon monoxide, it glides in through every crack left open to it, and diffuses to fill all available space. Unsmelt, unseen, unsuspected if one fails to recognize the symptoms, it poisons nations from within; and there are always those who, failing to observe it, will deny it is there.

Storm troopers

Storm troopers on the march: “This isn’t the fascism
you’re looking for.”
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This brings us to one thing I think this page could do better.

It’s true that those who follow the news and correlate what they learn from it will recognize the fourteen symptoms of this pathology; in each case, it’s possible to recall instances that prove its presence. But not everyone does keep current on news, and not everyone has analyzed what he knows. For this reason, I would suggest that the author add a link to each of the 14 listed characteristics that takes the reader to a recent news story illustrating how it applies in real life.

Like a poison in our nation’s air, fascism swirls around us today, and our republic is succumbing to its assault, but too few of us can see it for what it is. Time to change that.

Originally published as a review of a article on hidden fascism.

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