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Round and round and round she goes

Meredith Attwell Baker is hardly the first regulatory or other governmental official to render decisions in favor of the interests of a corporation and then take a job lobbying her former colleagues on behalf of that corporation. But it would be good for our republic if she were the last.

Slam the revolving door

Slam the revolving door.
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How hard is it to make a law forbidding this kind of behavior, which discredits our government even if the conflict of interest is one only in appearance? We can slam the revolving door in the face of kleptoplutocrats like Baker, but Congress won’t do it on its own; too many of its own members are guilty of comparable misdeeds; in this sense, the issue resembles the comparably important one of campaign finance reform, which seems to die in committee more often than not, and if it does reach the floor of Congress, it’s either done to death or so diluted by amendments as to lack all effect.

This is yet another case in which we can’t count on our “leaders”; if we want change, we’ll have to do a bit of lobbying of our own. We can begin by signing this petition. If enough of us do that, even the ethical lepers who (mis)govern our country will have to take notice or suffer the consequences in the next election.

Originally published as a review of a petition against regulatory co-option. (Note: This petition is no longer active.)

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