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The buck stops where?

On reflection, I cannot consider credible former secretary of state Colin Powell’s assertion that he had no idea the Iraqi defector Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, also known as “Curveball” (below), was lying when he said Iraq had biological weapons prior to the U.S.’ 2003 invasion. This stinks of an old, old pattern among ruling elites: When caught in misdeeds or fabrications, they find a convenient subordinate to whom to assign the blame.

'Curveball,' aka Rafid Jana

“Curveball,” aka Rafid Al-Jana. Maybe the name should have been a warning?
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In this case, Powell is trying desperately to fix the fault on the CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency. But this rings hollow because news reports shortly after the invasion, as it became apparent that the war had been launched on false pretenses, repeatedly disclosed complaints from both of those agencies that they had attempted to advise senior members of the Bush administration of the unreliability of the information it presented to the public as justification for the attack, only to be rebuffed; worse, some administration hawks were said to have pressured intelligence operatives to falsify evidence against Iraq.

Meanwhile, the record for deceptive statements about purported Iraqi weapons of mass destruction is held not by the CIA or the Pentagon, but by officials of the Bush administration itself, which according to the Center for Public Integrity willfully lied 935 times on the subject in what was described as an orchestrated campaign to sell the war to a reluctant public.

All of this, however, is merely the norm in pathocratic hierarchies: The actual psychopaths at the top commit crimes or order them committed, and their innocent or characteropathic subordinates take the blame. I therefore predict that, as in Abu Ghraib, the real culprits will escape all consequences while their lackeys accept humiliation and punishment on their behalf.

Originally published as a review of a Guardian article on the used carnage sales team otherwise known as the Bush administration.

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