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George’s worst moment?

If former president George W. Bush is telling the truth about his reaction on 9/11, we may take it as further evidence of his fundamental psychopathy. That he could, upon hearing of the first plane crashing into the World Trade Center, remain apparently calm with the idea of giving an impression of strength — particularly given Bush’s notoriously craven subsequent behavior on that date — implies that he was less concerned with the attack itself than with how his reaction to it was perceived: a telltale fulmination of the psychopath’s characteristic malignant narcissism.

George W. Bush takes a moment to recall an important fact.

George W. Bush takes a moment to recall an important fact.
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This implication is further strengthened by the meat of the interview appearing on this page. Note that again Bush’s preoccupation was not with any of the disasters occurring on his watch — not even the ones in whose creation he had at least a hand, if not the deciding role — but with how someone’s criticism of his handling of one of those disasters made him feel.

Originally published as a review of a Guardian opinion article on George W. Bush’s memoir.

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