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A definite ‘almost’

I recommend this article chiefly for the lively discussion that follows it. The article itself is mediocre; in fact, it very nearly falls into disaster by reporting that the “poison pill” file has been shared with “other hackers.” The truth, as many of you know by now, is that the 1.4GB “insurance” file is freely available for download by anyone with the necessary space and time.

Pathocrat's entree: Earth

Earth on the half-shell? Nothing less will satisfy our ruling elite.
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More really consequential are the implications to be found in the comments section. Surprisingly for a “business” site, many commenters appear to be cognizant of the essentially psychopathic character of the ruling elite and its corporate kleptoplutocracy, and remark on it forthrightly. I don’t believe I've seen this phenomenon until quite recently. It suggests a growing awareness — perhaps inspired in part by WikiLeaks itself — that our self-appointed “deciders,” nominally Democratic and Republican alike, are united in their coprophagous sycophancy to the powerful and their feckless contempt for the rest of us.


As of 21 March 2015, the insurance file has been replaced by three larger files, totaling 401.6GB, which are currently available here.

Originally published as a review of a report on WikiLeaks’ “poison pill” file.

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