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A breed apart?

In Jack Finney’s Time And Again, Simon Morley is recruited for a government scientific project, testing the astounding theory proposed by Dr. E. E. Danziger: that it is possible, through a kind of auto-hypnosis, to travel through time.

The Dakota c. 1882

The Dakota Hotel (now Dakota Apartments) c. 1882, as seen from Central Park: the base of Simon Morley’s
19th-century explorations.
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Morley successfully visits and revisits the New York of 1882, returning to project headquarters (in 1970) for debriefing. Eventually, however, he discovers that the project is not merely to satisfy scientific curiosity: It has a practical purpose: to influence President Grover Cleveland to purchase Cuba, thereby forestalling the revolution led by Fidel Castro. And since Dr. Danziger is unwilling to comply, he has been removed from the project, which is now apparently under the control of a smooth-spoken Col. Esterhazy and a small group of other officials.

But Morley finds this ethically repugnant:

“It’s going too far! My God, look at what has already happened. The scientists make fantastic new discoveries which are immediately taken over by a group, almost a breed of men, who always know what’s best for the rest of us. Science learns how to split the atom, and they immediately know that the best thing to do with that knowledge is to blow up Hiroshima!”

“Don’t you think it was?” Esterhazy said coldly. “Or should we have allowed hundreds of thousands of American soldiers to die on the shores of Japan?”

I don’t know. Who does know? I think the most enormous kinds of decisions are being made by people who don’t know either. Only in their own opinions do they know. They know it’s right and necessary to poison the atmosphere with radioactivity. They know we should use our scientists’ genetic discoveries to breed new and terrible kinds of disease. And they don’t even have to ask the consent of the ninety-nine and nine-tenths percent of the rest of us. And now that still another scientist, Dr. Danziger, has made this enormous discovery, he sits at home, squeezed out, unfit to decide what should be done with it. But you aren’t. Once again you know that the best thing to do with his discovery is eliminate Castro Cuba. Well, how do you know? Who’s given this new little breed of men who’ve polluted the entire environment and who may actually wipe out the human race — who gave them the power of God to control the lives and futures of the rest of us? Most of them we never heard of, and we sure as hell didn’t elect them!”

What is this “breed of men”?

Surely, they can be no other than the cabal that has appointed itself the ruling elite in each of our nations: those alien-souled men and women who dare to make decisions daily, in secret, that impose untold and unnecessary suffering upon billions, because they know what’s best. They know this because they are psychopaths: It is easy to decide that others should suffer and die if you are not plagued by a conscience.

But now, thanks to WikiLeaks, the elites find the secrecy on which they depend for their impunity riddled with holes that they cannot plug; and today, caught in the act of plotting against one another, they are mortified. Desperately, they beg for each other’s understanding and shriek of how “national security” is compromised and lives endangered.

I therefore offer a prediction. Unable to destroy WikiLeaks’ decentralized structure, the elites will use the media to discredit it. They will first identify the organization with its founder, and make Julian Assange a kitchen-table name; then, using the manufactured rape charges for which Sweden says it wants to prosecute him, they will assiduously strive to condition the public to associate “WikiLeaks” and “rape.”

It is, however, too late for this. The battle-lines are already drawn, and those disposed to accept the pathocrats’ perspective have already done so. The rest of us are growing more skeptical by the day, and more sophisticated about disinformation; we will not be conditioned or indoctrinated, and will not credit pathocratic protestations.

Let the cloak of secrecy fall away in shreds, and let what our shameless elites plan for us stand revealed in all its hideous reality, that we may the sooner oust and institutionalize the psychopaths who are leading us the way to dusty death.

Originally published as a review of a Haaretz article on the reaction of the U.S. and Israeli governments to WikiLeaks’ release of their diplomatic communiques.

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