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Introduction and Table of Contents

We bid you welcome to the “Pathocracy” section of

In time to come, this index page will be replaced with an essay explaining the moral pandemic of pathocracy (rule by psychopaths), how societies and social movements tend to contract it, and the one sure remedy for this social malady. For now, however, it is only that: an entry-point for this section.

As you will have noted, this site is divided into twelve distinct areas (“subdomains,” technically), accessible on every page via the navigation tabs surrounding the banner image near the top. These we call sections, and they roughly correspond to the “categories” found on some popular blogging platforms.

In turn, almost every section contains a number of directories and subdirectories corresponding to classes of topics within the more general subject area of the section, and within those (sub)directories are pages addressing topics falling into the indicated class. Where some individual pages should be placed is sometimes a difficult decision, since the articles on them touch on multiple topics; we have done our best to classify such pages intuitively, but you are invited to advise us if you feel that a page is misclassified.

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And if you don’t have a specific article in mind, explore at will.

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